Waste Management Facilities

Modern, convenient locations and an unwavering commitment to safety.
Clearfield MMG

Clearfield MMG operates two permitted solid waste management facilities. Each has been designed and constructed to the most current environmental protection standards, featuring impervious concrete walls and floors, as well as ample ceiling heights for easy unloading.

Both facilities are well-located off major interstate routes for easy access and easily accommodate all types of vehicles, including tractor trailers and tankers.

We take pride in the safety of our equipment as well the professionals who operate it. As a result, we welcome our customers to schedule a facility tour at any time.


Chesapeake Plant

3900 Shannon Street | Chesapeake, VA 23324

Constructed in 2017, our Chesapeake plant is our newest and most advanced waste management facility, offering treatment and disposal of non-hazardous solids and liquids.

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Clearfield MMG

Suffolk Plant

1 Bob Foeller Drive | Suffolk, VA 23434

Our Suffolk facility is permitted to treat and dispose of non-hazardous solids in bulk. We are ideally located adjacent to the regional sanitary landfill, which allows us to utilize the treated solids as daily cover.

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Clearfield MMG

Storage and Treatment

All petroleum contaminated materials are stored within a covered facility, protecting the waste from rain and allowing Clearfield to receive and process materials year-round. Once inside either of our centers, facility personnel continually monitor each stockpile to ensure that conditions are favorable for the rapid and complete degradation of the target contaminants.

When independent lab testing confirms that the recycled material meets or exceeds the standards for clean fill, your material is utilized only as landfill daily cover. We share your concerns regarding future liability, and unlike many recycling facilities, do not sell the treated material nor use it in other off-site applications.